Friday, March 9, 2012


Every year I wander the calli looking for great little shops....this is one that I love to return to every year. Antonella always has some fun surprises!
This year she had several calf skin covered boxes from the 50's-60' the time these were
the touristy they'd be made in plastic. These little boxes are stamped on the backs "Genuine calf leather - made in Italy".
They are lined in leather...I love how they feel in my hand and how they sound as they
thump shut.

Antonella also told me about a flea market that is periodically held at the Rialto Fish Market on the days that the market is closed. I found a few more treasures there.
The top photo is a tiny German Almanac from 1802.
It is a little gem...full of engravings and handwritten notes. I just wish I could meet the
original owner.
The 3rd & 4th photos is another flea find. It's a tiny sketch book....also German.
I love the wooden cover with its odd image and the tiny loop for holding a pencil.
So many many things to explore.....

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