Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guess where this photo was taken??

If you are the first one to guess correctly....I'll send you some notecards.

WOW Bert not only figured out that my photo was taken on Murano...but he also named the calle...Corte del Fabbro!!


  1. Where's Bert when we need him! :-)

  2. Here I am! But unless there is a recognisable element in a photo, or it's a place I just happen to know, I'm as lost as the next person. And this place I do not recognise.

  3. I can hardly believe it, but I've found your spot, Linda! You're very naughty, posting a photo taken on Murano! It's Corte del Fabbro, and the number on that gate, before it was painted, is easy to remember - 123!

  4. OMG Bert you are amazing!!!!
    Holy cow....I don't see a 123 anywhere....lol.
    You really have me laughing!!
    If you'll send my your snail mail....I'll send you some notecards!!

  5. ps....Bert do you have a photographic memory????

  6. My memory is good, but not that good! Especially for places I've never been to or seen in books! Oh, I might have been there, but I certainly don't remember seeing it. The number is not visible now, but it is visible on veniceconnected. [They took their photos a few years ago. I wonder if they ever update.]
    I hate to admit, it was dogged determination and almost pure luck .

  7. Hello, je crois savoir où cette photo superbe a été prise, c'est à Murano et je peux même vous dire à quel endroit, mon regard s'est posé sur ce lieu, récemment en mars 2014 !
    à bientôt

  8. Danielle,
    N'est-il pas merveilleux de commencer à reconnaître les lieux à Venise et Murano ?