Monday, April 23, 2012

My Daily Moleskine

I'm happy when I finish two sketches a week for 'My Daily Moleskine'.....maybe someday I'll make it to 7 a week!!
In my dreams!
April 18th - 2012
April 23rd - 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Venetina Sketchbook by Isabelle de Borchgrave

Here's another visually exciting book about's a cloth-bound beauty.
Full of her lovely sketches...watercolors....ephemera. may need to add this to your collection too!!


I love the vaporetto....what a way to travel...public transportation by 
Ok...Ok...I know it can be crowded and you sometimes have to elbow your way thru the crowd to  disembark.  But on the off chance that you board early in the morning or late at night and have the privilege of a front seat...there is nothing that beats this ride.
Early mornings you watch the city wake unloading at the Rialto markets....shutters open to the morning sun....early commuters stumble onboard.   This is the perfect time for me to grab my
mini-La Fenice tablet and draw.  I usually pick a

Late at night?
 I love to become the ultimate voyeur...dreams come alive on the tar black water.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Acqua Pazza

(Click on images to enlarge)

One of my favorite restaurants in Venice is Ristorante Acqua Pazza.

I've never had the opportunity to eat outside in Campo San Anzolo...I'm usually in Venice in November so the weather is a little chilly...but someday I'll hit it just right and enjoy the campo.
The interior of the restaurant has a sunny Mediterranean feel...the terrazzo floors are fabulous.

The staff was a touch formal on my first visit but by round two they were almost affectionate.
As a tasty start you are always treated to a lovely trio of bruschetta.  The bruschetti is great with glass of Prosecco.  I love starting my meals in Venice with Prosecco....ahhhh!!

I've had a variety of dishes...
one of my favorite is the gnocchi...served simply in a tomato and cheese sauce with fresh basil.  I'm
not normally a fan of gnocchi...I don't like the heavy, doughy, king-size pillow versions....gigantic sinkers.  Acqua Pazza's are lighter and flatter.
The fresh calamari and pasta is a favorite of my friend Barbara....she still dreams about the dish.
The fresh fish of the day...served on a bed of sliced potatoes is a lovey and lighter meal.
Pizza is another option....and it's GOOD!!

The portions tend to be sharing a course or two is a smart idea....because you definitely want to save room for dessert.  If lemon cake is one of your choices....grab's dense and moist!
There is also another wonderful grace note..."Guests are always thanked for their patronage with a glass of Amalfitano liqueur!"     The liqueur is usually a homemade lemoncello....and it is fabulous...not the usual commercial, sticky sweet version, that I can easily pass up.  On our last visit we were offered meloncello made from cantaloupe.  
Whoa howdy...I am addicted!!  Definitely the stuff of dreams!!  
Link to Ristorante Acqua Pazza

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Collage #63

Of all the colors in Venice...
this is my favorite range of color....from the almost salmon the terra cotta.

I have found these colors all over Venice...but the larger image was taken just off
Campo San Beneto on Ct.Tron. An amazing little area to photograph.
(Campo San Beneto is just in front of Fortuny Museo)
The small photo at the bottom was taken in Santa Croce # 2232...
at Residenza d'Epoca Ca'Favretto's lovely courtyard.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Venice and its Lagoon by Giulio Lorenzetti

Venice and its Lagoon by Giulio Lorenzetti

This book was originally published in 1926....this is the 2003 reprint.
It is a biggie...over 1000 pages....I don't take this book with me to Venice.
I do use it as a reference book when I'm home. It is extremely detailed and has quit a few photos...but the grainy photos are of another era...which make them interesting from an historical viewpoint...not necessarily an esthetic treat.

Bert...this one is for you!

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Venice by Jacopo Fasolo

Another Venice by Jacopo Fasolo

"Venice architecture both deserves and demands the visitor's close scrutiny.
This delightful book is an unusual guide to Venice, lavishly illustrated with watercolour sketches, black and white line drawings, maps, and photographs throughout.
The architectural culture of the city, transporting the reader to areas of interest and beauty.
Each monument has been extensively researched in order to provide the visitor with attractive and remarkable information. The six areas covered are San Marco, San Paulo, Santa Croce, Dorsoduro, Cannaregio, amd Castello.
A discerning introduction is also included as well a general map, locations, and a full

This is a little gem of a book...just slightly over 5" x 7" could almost slip it in your pocket.
I wish I could find out some more information about the artist....would love to know if he exhibits his work. I haven't seen any of his art in the local galleries in Venice.
This is a book high on my list!

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Collages #61 & #62

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Venetian Series - Collage #60

Francesco da Mosto - Venice

Chow! Venice by Shannon Essa & Ruth Edenbaum

Chow! Venice by Shannon Essa and Ruth Edenbaum

"The city of Venice is one of the most beautiful in the world, but visits are too often marred by meals at bad restaurants with high prices, unscrupulous waiters, and tasteless food. This new edition of "Chow! Venice" reveals the best places to eat and drink, from simple sandwiches and pizzas to elegant four-course meals. Discover places off the beaten track as well as steps away from St. Mark's Square. Learn how, when and what the Venetians eat and drink, where to get the best cichetti (Venetian bar snacks) and where to find restaurants and bars open after 10.00pm. In addition to restaurants and bars, there's a list of markets, specialty food stores and wine shops. Whether you are visiting Venice for three days, three weeks or three months,
"Chow! Venice" will prove to be an invaluable resource and guide."

I always refer to Ruth and Shannon's's a valuable asset to any foodie heading to Venice.

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Michela Scibilia's three terrific books!

Venice Osteria by Michela Scibilia

"Eating out is Venice can be a traumatic affair especially for your wallet yet the local food has much to offer the inquiring diner. That's why this compact guide to the eateries of the city is so useful. Most of the eateries in the guide offer one or both of two distinct eating formats.
Some serve traditional Italian sit-down meals of anti-pasto, primo, secondo and dolce (starter, pasta, meat or fish, and dessert) while others concentrate on the typically Venetian cicheto, or snack, to be consumed standing at the bar with a glass of wine, known as ombra.

This guide will tell you where to find tasty traditional and innovative cicheti. To keep
explanations in the eatery profiles to the minimum, Venetian and Italian terms are explained in the glossary.
The great virtue of this guide is that is tells you how much yo can expect to pay in each of the restaurants featured. It it given that everything in Venice costs more that elsewhere in Italy but sometimes the disparity can ruin the visitor's dig."

BoldVenice Botteghe by Michela Scibilia

"Venice Botteghe is dedicated to those who already know the Venice of museums and carnivals, but who wish to deepen their knowleddge through the products of those who continue today, skillfully and competently, to paint, assemble, hone, fuse, sew, knead, cook, engrave, or perhaps just sell, in Venice. Readers will find shops and workshops that have survived as if by magic, one or two ever-popular classics and lots of exciting new ventures.

The 160 pages contain 600 illustrations and 300 addresses where shoppers can browse and purchase everything, from pearls to lamps and
gondolas, as well as cakes, cloaks, soft-shell crabs and door knockers. It is a tour of sounds, fragrances and everything else the city has to offer. Each entry in accompanied by a commentary and illustrations.
There are twelve pages of detailed maps to guide the self-assured shopper around the city's most labyrinthine corners."

A Comprehensive Guide to the Island of MURANO by Michela Scibilia & Nicolo Scililia.

"The guide you were waiting for: all the art sites, the best restaurants, accommodation and events, together with an extensive section on history, glassmaking and the current state of affairs of Murano glass. Almost one hundres glassworks, studios and shops have been personally inspected by the authors.
paid advertisements or less than disinterested recommendations. A copious apparatus of maps, church plans, useful addresses and 370 colour photographs will help you organize your day to best advantage with art, good food, the culture of glass and a little self-assured shopping."

Michela Scibila's three books are winners! I'm just hoping that she writes more....I'd buy 'em all!

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Venice & Food by Sally Spector

Sometimes a book deserves its own post...especially a book with fabulous illustrations!!
It's chocked full of
something for everyone.
What's not to love?

"This is an almost indescribably ethereal work of love that portrays Venice and
its food as no other book has ever done. The illustrations are lush, detailed and deeply
reflective of not only the look of Venice, but it's very soul, its moods, its history-weighted
sadness' "
Italian Food & Wine Magazine - January 1999.

"In this book, Sally Spector, who is fromChicago and now lives in Venice, takes us
on a mouth-watering culinary trip; her historical love affair with food quite literally gives
us a taste of Venice. Each page is beautifully illustrated with the text written in her own
hand, sharing her personal impressions of this beloved city. It also provides practical
Venetian recipes along with the history of Venice and its long relationship with food,
and the ingredients are illustrated in stunning pen, ink and pastel drawings.
Sally reveals historical anecdotes about Venice, its food, herbs, spices and cooking
implements, as well as buildings, warehouses and even various Venetian personalities."

ISBN # 88 7743 173 3

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Article by Tom Kington....

Death in Venice made easier by new funeral rule

Bereaved allowed to scatter ashes in lagoon for first time

    San Michele cemetery, Venice
    Venice's San Michele island cemetery will gain a pontoon from which relatives may scatter ashes. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

    Venice, the lagoon city long associated with melancholy decay, is doing its best to live up to its reputation by making it easier for the souls of the dead to spend eternity there.

    Thanks to a new council resolution, from next year grieving relatives will for the first time be able to scatter the ashes of their loved ones in the lagoon or in the shallows off the Venice Lido.

    The decision extends not only to residents but to any non-Venetians inspired by the city's defining novel, Death in Venice by Thomas Mann. "We took into account the many foreigners who love this city and who would like to be buried here, but who would not find room at the cemetery," said the city's environmental assessor, Gianfranco Bettin.

    The council is constructing a pontoon extending into the lagoon at Venice's island cemetery, San Michele, from which ashes can be scattered. As an alternative, mourners can head for the Lido – the Venice beach where Dirk Bogarde breathes his last in the film adaption of Mann's novel – and charter a boat which takes them 700 metres out into the Adriatic to empty their urns under the supervision of a public official.

    A council spokeswoman said non-residents will be charged €350 (£300) and residents only €50.

    A small lawn will also be set aside at San Michele, where American poet Ezra Pound and Russian composer Igor Stravinsky are buried, for those wishing to scatter ashes on dry land. An electronic screen will be set up on which records of the cremated can be consulted.

    The council regulation also permits locals to keep ashes at home on the mantelpiece for the first time. Bettin said the rules were based on a new national law. "We are the first big city to put them into effect," he said. "Understandably we have a real problem with space for the deceased here."

    Article appeared in the on Monday 20th December, 2012

    Written by Tom Kington in Rome

It was meant to be.....

Nancy fell madly in love with Venezia.
My dear sister-in-law Nancy had no idea that she had had her hair dyed to match the walls
in Venezia!!
This was her first trip to Venice.
I don't think there is one square inch that she didn't photograph.
She's in perfect camouflage!!

Tobia Rava

(click on images to enlarge)

I always find Tobia Rava's work very interesting.
I stop by Galleria d' Arte L'Occhio to
see what he's been painting in the months since my last visit.

Here is a link to Tobia's website.

Galleria d' Arte L'Ochio also features many other artists....great selection of works!
The map is the location of the's in
Dosoduro #181/185
+39 041 522 6550