Saturday, March 31, 2012

Travel Diaries........

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For years I collected journals...always with the intention of using them.
I must have had two dozen of them....always waiting to be used.
I have to admit, they intimidated me.
I felt as if I had to strike a poetic pose...really write something profound.

Then I married Paul...a writer....
and he kept a wine/travel journal...
a behemoth, stuffed,
over-sized book-of-a-thing.
OMG what amazing, detailed notes.
When we married he was on #9.

That pushed me over the edge.
I started to keep a travel diary.
I decided that I would just document the things we did.
Paste in business cards, jot
down notes.....including wine and food notes.
In the end they actually did take on a hint of the poetic.

When I first looked at Paul's I realized that all the 'stuff'...paper ephemera...clippings...really were fascinating and esthetic.

At the end of a busy day, I love to paste and clip....
and sometimes a drawing or two seem
to hop on the page.
I also carry a tiny notebook...(I found these little treasures at the La Fenice gift shop)....they are very useful during the day...when I don't/won't drag my larger journal around the city.

It's wonderful being able to go back over my notes and remember the places we've been.
It's also extremely useful...every year before my return to Venice,
I scour my notes and jot down which restaurants I want to revisit...
which sestieri I'd love to spend more time
which galleries were intriguing.......

(ps....the last four images are Paul's travel/wine diary...)


  1. Oh, what treasures are stuffed into those journals. Going back to them must be a rewarding voyage! It's good you 'struck that poetic pose' and got started! :-)

    PS The Comfort of Strangers has to be one of the most disquieting movies I've seen.

  2. Yvonne...I have to rewatch The Comfort of Strangers....I do remember it was haunting and mysterious. Totally up Christopher Walken's alley.....

  3. C'est émouvant de regarder tous ces petits carnets de voyages...
    La meilleur façon de ne rien oublier !