Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ok....I can't help myself.....another app......Frametastic.

I used another app named Frametastic....then I brought the image to Photoshop.
Even I am getting confused at which direction I take....

Having fun with my new app - iColorama

I just got a new app for my iPad.... first of all....I love my new iPad Air!!
The  app is called is much fun to many options.

The first image is the original image taken in Museo Fortuny.
The next three are variations made within different apps.  
1)  Form > mirror  (iColorama)
2)  Brush > Abstract > Circle  (iColorama)
3)  I then took the image into ProCreate and added the additional texture.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Trying out some new apps for Blogging....

Im enjoying some new apps....iColorama  and Frametastic....
It's months before I head back to Venice. 
You can never be too ready...right?

The first image was taken in Basilica di San Marco....after Sunday Mass.
I used this photo and altered it in the apps....