Monday, March 26, 2012

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

One of my favorite museums in Venice is the
Peggy Guggenheim Collection. It's located in her Palazzo....Palazzo Venier dei Leoni....on the
Grand Canal in Dorsoduro.
The Palazzo is wonderful....and the gardens too. I find the land entrance enchanting....and so close to Ca'Dario.....ahhh the mystery!
Here is a link to the Guggenheim Museum.

In the garden is this wonderful poem engraved on a's written by Jenny Holzer.

I walk in
I see you
I watch you
I scan you
I wait for you
I tickle you
I tease you
I search you
I breathe you
I talk

I smile
I touch your hair
You are the one
you are the one
I fell you
I ask you
I don't ask

I don't wait
I won't ask you
I lie
I am crying hard
there was blood
no one told me
no one knew
my mother knows
I forgot your name

I don't think
I bury my head
I bury you
my fever
my skin
I cannot breathe
I cannot eat
I cannot walk
I am losing time

I am losing ground
I cannot stand
I cry
I cry out
I bite
I bite your lip
I breathe you breath
I pulse
I pray
I pray aloud

I smell you on my skin
I say the word
I say your name
I cover you
I shelter you
I run from you
I sleep beside you
I smell you
on my clothes
I keep your clothes

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