Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Venice of To-Day - 1894

When I'm not in Venice I'm thinking and reading about Venice.
I found this treasure in a local Morristown NJ...the Old Bookshop.
It's an oversized book 16" X 20"...published in 1894.
It's written & profusely illustrated by F. Hopkinson Smith....a young lady that traveled to
It's one of my favorite books!!
I think I'll go and leisurely read a chapter and look at her incredible ink drawings and oil paintings.
I'm partial to the ink drawings they are so detailed and full of life!!

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I love the many moods of Venice.....they change by the hour.
November is a perfect month to see them all....fog...rain...brilliant sun....haze and
occasionally snow.
The last several years I've been going to Venice for most of November....for me it's
a perfect time. Some of the summer crowds have thinned....though I do notice that there doesn't seem to be a an off-season. The last two years the vaporetti have been quit full even in November.
I love my view onto the Grand's a constant parade....even the pauses in traffic still offer a
light show on the water reflecting the buildings.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Great Venetian Website.....

Venice Explorer is definitely one of my go-to sites.
Venice isn't the easiest city to navigate....but Venice Explorer makes it a snap.
Link to Venice Explorer

Once you go to the site there are many choices on the left, including a map search.
If you know the number and sestiere (district) that you are looking for you can find the exact location.
For instance....if you want to locate the Impronta's located in Dosoduro (sestiere) and the
number is 3815.

This certainly makes the search a lot easier.......


Here is a plate of some of my favorites from Tonolo Pasticceria.
It's located in Dorsoduro...just steps from Impronta Cafe. I usually have lunch at the cafe and then stagger down the calle to Tonolo to get a few days supply of sweets.
Their coffee is terrific too!
Calle San Pantalon 3764- Dorsoduro.


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One of my favorite neighborhood places is Impronta Cafe.
It's in Dorsoduro....just steps from Tonolo. (I'll get around to talking about Tonolo in another post...promise.)
It's a perfect spot for lunch.
It has a trendy vibe, not off-putting in the I'm-not-trendy- enough-vibe....but a slightly modern twist to the decor that plays nicely off the older-than-god building.

Several wines are offered by the glass...including a couple of dessert favorite Moscato.
A nice blend of types....tourists in the know...young...older. I like to get there on the early side of lunch fills up fast and of course no one is in a rush to leave.
What do we usually order?
They have a fabulous selection of salads...which is not the norm in Venice.
Sandwiches are great and my favorite....cheese ravioli with an artichoke puree and sprinkled with pine nuts and asiago. OMG good.
Geeze now I've done it...starting a craving I can't fulfill til next November.
If I'm not starving I'll order the cheese plate that comes with some type of fruity jam surprise.....and of course I just have to have a sweet wine with my cheese....and that is where the Moscato comes into play.
I recently dropped by for breakfast.
Welll...breakfast Italian style.

Roll/pastry and some type of coffee.
It was dynamite....had a great flaky, warm, chocolate croissant that could rival any I've had in Paris. My cappucino?....perfect roast with the creamiest of froths.
Now I have another choice for a great, quick breakfast.

Starting a blog just for Venice......

I decided to have a separate blog for all things Venetian.
There are so many incredible details about this mysterious creature....she deserves
a place of her own!!