Monday, April 2, 2012

Maps of Venice

I love maps!!
I have a drawerful of maps of Venice.
But over the years I've narrowed it down to a few favorites.

Rough Guide map is my all time favorite map!!
It's the most detailed, portable map.
It's made of a material that is virtually impossible to destroy.... it's waterproof and fold-proof...I haven't tried burning it.....
I've folded this thing at least a trillion times. In fact, I fold it down to a tiny square and jam it in my pocket.
The only down side...they are getting more and more difficult to find.

Calli, Campielli e Canali is the motherlode of all Venetian maps....
it's actually a book....225 pages.

NOT portable....but necessary to look up every calli in town.
I have so much fun exploring this book...but it's impossible to drag around.
In fact, I usually don't even bring it to just weighs too much!

The Illustrated Venice Map is really fun and has great detail....but it's paper....
and paper tears after it's been refolded a dozen or so times. Plus this map
has one of those hard covers that is glued onto a corner...making it impossible to fold down to a tiny square.

Do you have a favorite map of Venice?....please share with me!!
After all I'm a girl that can't have too many maps!

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