Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Venice by Jacopo Fasolo

Another Venice by Jacopo Fasolo

"Venice architecture both deserves and demands the visitor's close scrutiny.
This delightful book is an unusual guide to Venice, lavishly illustrated with watercolour sketches, black and white line drawings, maps, and photographs throughout.
The architectural culture of the city, transporting the reader to areas of interest and beauty.
Each monument has been extensively researched in order to provide the visitor with attractive and remarkable information. The six areas covered are San Marco, San Paulo, Santa Croce, Dorsoduro, Cannaregio, amd Castello.
A discerning introduction is also included as well a general map, locations, and a full

This is a little gem of a book...just slightly over 5" x 7" could almost slip it in your pocket.
I wish I could find out some more information about the artist....would love to know if he exhibits his work. I haven't seen any of his art in the local galleries in Venice.
This is a book high on my list!

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