Monday, April 9, 2012

Michela Scibilia's three terrific books!

Venice Osteria by Michela Scibilia

"Eating out is Venice can be a traumatic affair especially for your wallet yet the local food has much to offer the inquiring diner. That's why this compact guide to the eateries of the city is so useful. Most of the eateries in the guide offer one or both of two distinct eating formats.
Some serve traditional Italian sit-down meals of anti-pasto, primo, secondo and dolce (starter, pasta, meat or fish, and dessert) while others concentrate on the typically Venetian cicheto, or snack, to be consumed standing at the bar with a glass of wine, known as ombra.

This guide will tell you where to find tasty traditional and innovative cicheti. To keep
explanations in the eatery profiles to the minimum, Venetian and Italian terms are explained in the glossary.
The great virtue of this guide is that is tells you how much yo can expect to pay in each of the restaurants featured. It it given that everything in Venice costs more that elsewhere in Italy but sometimes the disparity can ruin the visitor's dig."

BoldVenice Botteghe by Michela Scibilia

"Venice Botteghe is dedicated to those who already know the Venice of museums and carnivals, but who wish to deepen their knowleddge through the products of those who continue today, skillfully and competently, to paint, assemble, hone, fuse, sew, knead, cook, engrave, or perhaps just sell, in Venice. Readers will find shops and workshops that have survived as if by magic, one or two ever-popular classics and lots of exciting new ventures.

The 160 pages contain 600 illustrations and 300 addresses where shoppers can browse and purchase everything, from pearls to lamps and
gondolas, as well as cakes, cloaks, soft-shell crabs and door knockers. It is a tour of sounds, fragrances and everything else the city has to offer. Each entry in accompanied by a commentary and illustrations.
There are twelve pages of detailed maps to guide the self-assured shopper around the city's most labyrinthine corners."

A Comprehensive Guide to the Island of MURANO by Michela Scibilia & Nicolo Scililia.

"The guide you were waiting for: all the art sites, the best restaurants, accommodation and events, together with an extensive section on history, glassmaking and the current state of affairs of Murano glass. Almost one hundres glassworks, studios and shops have been personally inspected by the authors.
paid advertisements or less than disinterested recommendations. A copious apparatus of maps, church plans, useful addresses and 370 colour photographs will help you organize your day to best advantage with art, good food, the culture of glass and a little self-assured shopping."

Michela Scibila's three books are winners! I'm just hoping that she writes more....I'd buy 'em all!

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  1. And Michelia's Osterie guide is also available as an app! Same info, plus a search function. Leaves room for another book in the luggage!

    1. That's interesting....but I don't being a computer to Venice. I just have a Kindle Fire....I'll have to see if the books are available digitally. Thanks for the info!!

  2. Michela Scibilia's three terrific books: As a bookseller I can tell you they are not within reasonable prices in US at this time. Hopefully I can pick up some copies when I am there in July and September - October.

    1. I just did a search and you are right....what a shame. I guess she needs a US distributor!!

  3. Am loving you photos how do you do that the shading etc.