Sunday, November 25, 2012

vaporetto ~ wear n tear

I'm half tempted to do a series of images based on these 'whatjamacallits'.
What ARE these called?
I love the worn layers of paint on these two. 
On the #2 cruising next to  Guidecca.


  1. What a totally cool photo, Linda.

  2. It's called a "cleat."

    When we were there, I enjoyed watching the skill which the boatmen used to tie the vaporettos. Very cool.

  3. Aunt Snow...thanx for the info!!
    I'm always amazed at the skill level of the captain/crew of the vaporetti.
    It's crazy how fast they dock and load up passengers.....passengers with dogs, scooters, groceries, building supplies....not to mention tourists with luggage.