Friday, November 23, 2012

Back from Venezia....

I just returned from Venice....another fabulous adventure!
I couldn't post while I was computer or internet connection.
I'm going to buy an iPad or laptop that I can stay better connected while I'm away.
I'll write a report and post photos as I work on them.....

There are always treasures that expose themselves to me in would take 
years/decades/centuries  to uncover all of her secrets.

I stumbled on this bollard....I can only image the boats that have been moored to
this post over the decades......


  1. Welcome back! I must have discovered your blog while you were away. Looking forward to read about your stay. I love the spot where you took your picture, it's always peaceful.
    Have a nice weekend,

  2. Sans doute beaucoup d'images et d'impressions...
    Bon retour
    Martine de Sclos

  3. These are EXACTLY the kinds of things that make Venice so magical to me... imagining all that went before. I can't wait to see what's about to unfold!

  4. Anna...what fun to discover your Venetian blog! I am so sad that I don't speak French so that I can read your lovely entries...but your photos speak a thousand words!!
    Matine....thank you for your kind words.
    Katherine....I missed you this was a real adventure!!

  5. Yvonne got there before you!:-)[June 17] But your photo shows that Venice is on the level.:-)

  6. Yvonne.....I hadn't seen your June posting of this bollard. (I had to look up the name for these posts....) It's nice to know...that we think so much alike!!

    Thanx Bert....eagle eyes!!!

  7. What can I do but agree with the 'great minds' philosophy, Linda! :-)

  8. Je découvre depuis quelques jours votre blog et j'aime beaucoup vos photos. Je suis passée dans cette petite calle au mois de novembre dernier. Nous nous sommes peut-être croisées !
    à bientôt