Saturday, July 28, 2012

Steps of Photoshop etc.

I love to see the steps... the before and after shots.
The girl without makeup and then the girl ready for the runway.

The bottom image is the original image...this shot was underexposed and
slightly blurry. 
First thing I did was run it thru Photoshop to fix the blur....2nd from bottom is
the image after the blur was improved.
3rd from bottom...I fixed the angle of the shot...wanted it to appear as if I were standing
in front of the window, not below the window.  I then ran it thru an app called
( I love Snapheal!!)
4th from bottom image is after Snapheal.  In Snapheal I corrected the 'empty' corners
and messed with exposure, color temperature, exposure, etc.
Then I decided I wanted a more vintage I used another app called
Modern Grunge.
Top image is the result of Modern Grunge.

(click on images to enlarge)

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