Sunday, July 22, 2012

Favorite 'pieces' at the Biennale..... I gonna hear it for this....
I was underwhelmed by so much of the art at last year's Biennale de Venezia.
I  just spent twenty minutes viewing THE TANK.  The blasting grind and plumes of smoke didn't make a great impression...neither did the prancing athlete that strode the treadmill.

In all fairness, I only spent 3 hours at the exhibits....I'm sure there were gems I missed.
In the past...there have been many works that left a lasting impression.
Just not last year....sigh.

I rounded the search of quiet!
I found this wet, gorgeous tree....

and then I looked down...a fall carpet!!

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  1. I wasn't there for last years Biennale, but in the past I've found more to 'capture my attention' at the Architecture Biennale than the art one. Hopefully this year it will be fabulous!