Friday, June 1, 2012

Heading to Salute

On November 21st Venetians celebrate the Feast Day of the Madonna della Salute. 
In 1630....fifty years after the terrible plague of 1575-1577, the disease gripped Venice once again.
Doge Nicolo Contarini made a public vow to erect a church called the Salute, asking the Virgin Mary's 
divine intervention to rid the city of the plague.
Today on November 21st thousands of worshipers cross the special bridge, erected for the celebration, to give thanks and ask the Virgin Mary to keep them in good health.

We hopped on the direct boat to Salute...I looked up and the vaporetto was close on our tail and larger than life...


  1. Lovely photo - what a surprise to find that on your tail!

    I would guess that the current day worshippers going to Salute on the 21st November need all the help they can get for good health, if they've first visited the surrounding stalls that are awash with sugary and sticky treats in an immense array!

  2. Good one are so's every dentist's nightmare. (or bonanza!!)