Thursday, June 21, 2012

Before and After

Help....I'm sure I'm opening myself up to criticism...."Oh, no she uses Photoshop".
But I thought some of you would like to see an extreme before shot.
I usually don't mess with images as much as I did with this one.....


  1. What I see is simply that you are drawing out the details that you have already captured. It's creating a richer image. It's art! And I love it. And you. :)

  2. Thanx Kim...that's how I feel. It's the result that counts for does the end result look and feel!!

  3. Well I just think you're so clever. It's just enhancement - and it so beautifully brings out the details.

    I might have to get you to give me a lesson in November!

  4. I admire anyone who has mastered Photoshop! I keep looking at it, and then going for a nice lie down! :-)

  5. It's funny how we accept that people use make-up to enhance their features, or to convey a look or a mood, yet criticise when the same is done to photos! Personally speaking, I find Photoshop to be a bit of a saving grace for some shots... particularly ones which have been taken in a hurry, on the spur of the moment!

    Anyway, the most important thing, Bailey, is that you are happy with what you do... that fact that other people love your work as well is a bonus!

  6. Thanx everyone.....I love working in Photoshop...I feel as if I'm painting...setting a mood...telling a story.
    I'm an artist not a photographer.
    Poetic license at it's limit!! lol