Monday, April 9, 2012

Venice & Food by Sally Spector

Sometimes a book deserves its own post...especially a book with fabulous illustrations!!
It's chocked full of
something for everyone.
What's not to love?

"This is an almost indescribably ethereal work of love that portrays Venice and
its food as no other book has ever done. The illustrations are lush, detailed and deeply
reflective of not only the look of Venice, but it's very soul, its moods, its history-weighted
sadness' "
Italian Food & Wine Magazine - January 1999.

"In this book, Sally Spector, who is fromChicago and now lives in Venice, takes us
on a mouth-watering culinary trip; her historical love affair with food quite literally gives
us a taste of Venice. Each page is beautifully illustrated with the text written in her own
hand, sharing her personal impressions of this beloved city. It also provides practical
Venetian recipes along with the history of Venice and its long relationship with food,
and the ingredients are illustrated in stunning pen, ink and pastel drawings.
Sally reveals historical anecdotes about Venice, its food, herbs, spices and cooking
implements, as well as buildings, warehouses and even various Venetian personalities."

ISBN # 88 7743 173 3

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  1. im trying to contact sally spector, there is any chance u can help me out?