Friday, April 20, 2012

Acqua Pazza

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One of my favorite restaurants in Venice is Ristorante Acqua Pazza.

I've never had the opportunity to eat outside in Campo San Anzolo...I'm usually in Venice in November so the weather is a little chilly...but someday I'll hit it just right and enjoy the campo.
The interior of the restaurant has a sunny Mediterranean feel...the terrazzo floors are fabulous.

The staff was a touch formal on my first visit but by round two they were almost affectionate.
As a tasty start you are always treated to a lovely trio of bruschetta.  The bruschetti is great with glass of Prosecco.  I love starting my meals in Venice with Prosecco....ahhhh!!

I've had a variety of dishes...
one of my favorite is the gnocchi...served simply in a tomato and cheese sauce with fresh basil.  I'm
not normally a fan of gnocchi...I don't like the heavy, doughy, king-size pillow versions....gigantic sinkers.  Acqua Pazza's are lighter and flatter.
The fresh calamari and pasta is a favorite of my friend Barbara....she still dreams about the dish.
The fresh fish of the day...served on a bed of sliced potatoes is a lovey and lighter meal.
Pizza is another option....and it's GOOD!!

The portions tend to be sharing a course or two is a smart idea....because you definitely want to save room for dessert.  If lemon cake is one of your choices....grab's dense and moist!
There is also another wonderful grace note..."Guests are always thanked for their patronage with a glass of Amalfitano liqueur!"     The liqueur is usually a homemade lemoncello....and it is fabulous...not the usual commercial, sticky sweet version, that I can easily pass up.  On our last visit we were offered meloncello made from cantaloupe.  
Whoa howdy...I am addicted!!  Definitely the stuff of dreams!!  
Link to Ristorante Acqua Pazza


  1. I have dear friends in Sydney; Mario is a chef from Naples. Their signature dish is Aqua Pazza, and their restaurant goes by the same name. They really enjoyed eating at the Venetian venue.

    1. Yvonne....when I Googled 'Acqua Pazza'...I found several restaurants around the world with the same name. Wouldn't it be fun to go to all of them?
      I hope when Mario went to AP he mentioned that he had a restaurant with the same name.