Saturday, August 9, 2014

Drawing on my iPad.....

I bought my iPad Air about a month ago.
I've gone app happy.
Downloading a variety of photo apps...blogging apps...
and this week moving on to sketching apps.
It has opened an entirely new world for me.
Not only did I have to download about 6 sketching/drawing apps...
but then I had to research styli/styluses.
The main sketching apps that I'm exploring are:
ProCreate......Paper 53 (using the Pencil stylus).....Bamboo Paper
....Sketchbook Pro.
There are pros and cons to all of them.
So I figured I'd work with each of them for awhile and see which I
prefer.   OR which combination of them that I'll work with.
The main thing that I do will be a hell of a lot easier to cart my
iPad Air and stylus...than it was packing and carrying dozens of pens...
pencils...rulers...notepads etc.

Here are my first three sketches:

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