Wednesday, February 27, 2013

~ Before & After 2012 ~


  1. Venice has never heard of, or does not have the funds to implement, the "broken window" approach to graffiti. That's the notion, implemented in NYC (among other places), that graffiti must immediately be removed--instead of, as NYC used to do, running their subway cars covered in graffiti, which only encourages more graffiti. A few weeks back the noses of Wagner and Verdi statues in Venice's giardini pubblici were broken off--and are still unrepaired--now, last week, a prominent statue in the same park has been spray-painted from head to toe. It is actually really demoralizing, but I'm afraid nothing will be done about it, and more graffiti will come.

  2. The colors and textures of all the photos in this series are just so marvelous!