Friday, August 3, 2012

Bricked & boarded.....

This is one of my favorite historical aspects of Venice....the mysterious bricked-in and boarded up windows and doors.  
 As Venice marches thru time...and dwellings take on new dimensions and uses.
Palazzi  changing from grand, single-family dwellings to multi-family homes....what do you do?
You don't tear down ~ THANK GOD~  you block off.
Sometimes very creatively!!

This is one of my favorite...located in Cannaregio.    I wonder if it 
had been bricked in and modern day owners decided to remove the bricks
to make a display case.

 Who knew that bricks come in such a wild assortment!

This is one that I'd love to see its original life!!

An oven??

 In the first of these two photos taken in hardly notice the window on the right...
great job of blending.....

In the San Marco sestiere....on my way to the Fortuny Museum.
I haven't spotted another fill-in quite like it.
Thumbs up for originality!

Spotted this one in a courtyard of a hotel in Santa Croce.

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  1. What a collection! I especially love that one you saw on the way to the Fortuny.

  2. wonderful perspective, Bailey! I sometimes think (as I stroll by) if they closed them in depending on the era. ie., did some close them to keep out the stench of the great unwashed? Did they have a tax on windows, as in some other areas? At another time, was it to avoid the tourists peering in? Thanks for adding food for thought today.

  3. Melaney great questions!
    Every time I seen another one I'll think of your quesstions.......

    Yvonne....I can pinpoint it on a map for you for your next visit.
    If you get off the vaporetto at San Angelo and head toward Fortuny....

    Thanx Beth!! Love your Lake Como entry....ahhhh!!