Friday, May 4, 2012

Italian Wines for Dummies

Italian Wines for Dummies by Mary Ewing-Mulligan and Ed McCarthy

This is my go-to book for Italian wines.  
Mary and Ed have been friends of ours for nice to have such friendly knowledge!!
It helps to have an overview of Italian wines....I would always ask my husband for his advice before I'd head to Venice on solo adventures.  (Paul, my husband, wrote about wines for over 40 years before his I have to rely on Ed & Mary's advice.)

"The esteem in which I hold the authors of Italian Wine for Dummies is boundless.
I have known Ed & Mary, individually and as a team for over 50 years and am able to say that I have 
yet to encounter more knowledgeable guides to the ins and outs of Italian wine.
I was honored when they asked me to write the foreword to their Wine for Dummies and thrilled to be endorsing this very important book, written with infinite skill and passion equal to that of the most
committed Italian winemaker."

Peiro Antinori, Proprietor, Marchesi Antinori  Winery, Florence, Italy

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