Monday, March 5, 2012


I love wandering around Murano.
Some people avoid Murano....afraid they'll be attacked by over-zealous glass salesmen.
In all the years I've been going to Murano I've never been accosted....occasionally someone will be standing outside he/her shop and talk to me as I pass by.
I think the problem comes into play when a tourist on Riva degli Schiavoni agrees to a boat ride to Murano.
I always head over on the pressure. Well...just pressure from the tourist jabbing me in the side as we ride the waves on a too crowded vaporetto.
A few years ago my sister and I spent a couple of nights on Murano.
It was great wandering around the island in the early morning and later in the evening when the crowds headed back to Venice.
It was quiet....a little eerie when the winds picked up and whistled through the lights in the soccer stadium. I've never heard such a haunting whistle.......
Lodging is limited but we found a little inn..... Locanda Conterie.

Last November I went to Murano with my SIL Nancy.....we had a glorious day. It was crystal clear and cold...a brilliant day. We walked and photographed and laughed and photographed and checked out several galleries. I love the modern glass sculptures....and the glass jewelry.
It was my birthday....what a way to spend the day.
We stopped for lunch at Dalla Mora.
We sat in the was magical and a little chilly....perfect.
I had ravioli with a cream & mushroom sauce...hey it was my birthday, cream is ok on birthdays. Plus I had a side of carrots and mixed vegetables cooked without sauce. Nanc had scampi and fries....holy-night good.
Thank God my arm is long enough to reach across the table.
Shared a bottle of Tocai Friulano...YES.
Followed by sgropinni*....had one each and shared a third.
I have to say this happens often, when someone new tries a sgroppino...they always want more.
So I just have to indulge them!!

The first two images in this series are taken on Strada Nova....looking out toward San Michele (cemetery island).

*Sgropinno - A Venetian dessert cocktail....made with Prosecco, vodka & lemon sorbet. BUT my favorite are really I know that somehow gelato of some sort makes its way into my glass.

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