Friday, March 9, 2012

Almanac - 1802

I found this tiny (3.3/8" x 4.6/8") German almanac at one of
my fav
orite Venetian shops....Antichita da Canal.
(Click on images to enlarge)

(see post below for shop info.)


  1. Am loving your new blog........

    Is it too early to start counting days until Venice is a reality?

  2. Never too early to start counting!

    I love the photos and sketches of your treasures from this shop.

  3. Mary....not at all....I can't wait!!!!
    Especially this year....when we'll have a chance to spend some time together!!

  4. Okay - so I counted and now I'm depressed.......... 234 (if I arrive on the 9th). That's ridiculously AGES.....

    I'll just have to keep on relying on everyone's wonderful blogs!