Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Stopping off in Paris for a few days before going to Venice.

The last time I was in Paris was 2005.
  I wanted to see this wonderful city again!
I met my Australian friend, Mary on Friday November 28th. 
 We're renting a lovely apartment overlooking Palais Royal...
IT IS QUIET...amazingly quiet.

We arranged a dirivng tour for Sunday...it was fabulous!
We decided where we wanted to go...and we stayed as long
or as short a time as we liked.   It was worth every penny.
The company's name is Intershuttle Prestige...our drivers name was 
Ajith...the kindest, most professional gentleman.   It was 200euro for a 
four hour tour.  The Mercedes van can accomodate 7 people. (not sure 
if there is a surcharge for more than 2 people.  I'd also say that it would
be most comfortable with no more than 4 people.)
I had also arranged for a pick-up and return drop-off to the airport with the 
same company. (50 euro each way to CDG)  Ajith arranged to do all of our
We also slurged and hired him for an additional mini evening tour to see the
Holiday lights.   We had dinner...and he picked us up from there...we toured...
and he dropped us at our apartment.   
It is as if we have had a trusted friend hauling us all around for the week.
It has been wonderful.

Here are some shots I took while on our driving tour.....

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